Ilex (Holy) is a family that has many appearances, and most people associate it with the prickly holy that figures in many christmass designs (figuring Ilex aquifolium).

Ilex crenata has little resemblance with this commonly known holy, and Oprins Plant has developed and licenced some species that have a remarkable similarity with boxwood :

  • same shape and colour of leaves
  • evergreen
  • can be kept in whatever height, from 0.2 to 2 meters (and more)
  • very suitable for topiary

Our licenced varieties Dark Green© and Blondie© differ from boxwood regarding health and sustainability :

  • No intense chemical treatments are required to protect your plant against various fungi diseases
  • No intense control or treatment is required to keep the plant free of boxwood caterpillars (that eat away all leaves)

We’ve dedicated various pages on Dark Green© and Blondie© , please click on the link to Ilex Select.