Hasselt(Belgium)-based Group MC – together with the Oprins Plant management – acquired all shares of the Oprins family. The company was founded in 1991 by Jan and Paul Oprins together with Chantal Quirynen and grew into a successful player in the European horticulture sector.

In line with our well-known brands ‘Bamboo Select’ and ‘Ilex Select’, we have decided to continue our future under the new name PLANT SELECT.

This company acquisition does not bring any immediately noticeable changes for you as a customer. We remain the trusted address for the known assortment and guarantee the optimal service that you have already received from us in recent years.

Our ambition is to grow in many areas and the first step has already been taken in the past week: we have just started production of our Hydrangeas in our brand new modern nursery!r more information.

After this good news, do you have any questions or you’re just curious ?

Call us, mail us or make an appointment to visit the nursery ! 

Oprins Selections

” A weed is a plant that has mastered every survival skill, except for learning how to seduce us “. (Doug Larson)

Welcome on the website of Plant Select.

We are a European nursery renowned for supplying high quality plants and providing high level service to our professional customers.
Plant Select aims to meet consumer’s expectations regarding the features of the plants.

Our bamboo plants are produced with innovative techniques, resulting in bamboos that are very attractive, vital, and NON-invasive.
This innovative attitude allowed us to become the largest European producer. We supply a vast range of customers – from very small to very big – who buy in confidence from us.

Gardening should be fun and according to us, all starts with choosing the right plants without troublesome maintenance to keep them healthy. Our Dark Green© (also branded as i-LEXIT® ) is the ideal maintenance friendly alternative for boxwood.

Besides non-invasive bamboo and Ilex, we also provide a range of other products. If you want to find out more about our company and products, please take a look around our website. We’re happy to help out every professional with needs for more information.

Jan Oprins started his first activities in the mid 70’s. Mostly, he focused on landscaping projects which soon raised the appetite to grow his own plants. Since then, Plant Select developed into a large scale activity.

Over the years, Plant Select has evolved from a nursery with a very large assortment, to a large nursery with a product portfolio focussing on plants with outstanding properties.

The production facilities are spread over different production sites, and include both open field production as well as production in containers (open air & glasshouse).

Innovation is part of our DNA. It is expressed in our products, techniques, and set-up of our company. Our know-how and licences put us in a unique position, and make us a preferred partner for a lot of professionals in the ornamental business.