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Fargesia young plants


Fargesia 'Red Dragon'


Fargesia rufa


Fargesia 'Red Dragon'

The family of bamboo contains many different species and surprises by its enormous variety : from dwarf to giant, from tropical to artic, from plumb to knobby, …

Most people associate bamboo with invasive, which is only partial correct :  Phyllostachys, Pleioblastus, Sasa, … are species that are largely on offer in the market and are invasive indeed (which needn’t be a problem when planted properly with root-barrier film)

Fargesia is a family of bamboo known and appreciated for its non-invasive properties and can be planted without extra measures to contain the roots. Moreover, these plants are evergreen and very easy in planting requirements, maintenance, health, etc etc. They are known to have a positive impact on fine dust, noise and animals like them for a lot of reasons. And most important of all, Fargesia are beautiful and come in various colours and shapes.

Oprins Plant has been specialising for decades on this wonderful family of Bamboo, and can provide plants in pot sizes ranging from 1L to 5LOur production techniques are based on tissue culture and are unique. They result in plants with unmatched high and homogeneous quality and make Oprins Plant the preferred supplier for other nurseries as well as retail. That is why we keep growing year after year and became the most important supplier of Fargesia in Europe and beyond.