Plant Select label MPS-A

Plant Select is committed to restrict its footprint as much as possible, in all domains.

  • Plants are not considered for our product portfolio, when they require extra care with negative impact on the environment. (e.g. boxwood)
  • In our production processes we strive for the best use of nature, and we do not apply methods to artificially force plants for quick sales.
  • We grow our plants using integrated pest management (IPM), which means that we use a variety of methods at our production facility to control insects and diseases. We do not rely on highly toxic chemical pesticides and herbicides to grow our plants, our first choice always goes to degradable biological products when available.
  • Organic waste is recycled where possible, and the plant containers are used multiple times before being disposed for recycling.
  • Energy consumption is restricted to the minimum (processes, building, vehicules), and upon renewal we always upgrade to devices with better efficiencies.
  • Consumption of water is limited, we maximise our use recycled water. (rain)
  • Regarding transport, routes and loads are planned to reduce the need to travel as far as practicable.

Our efforts are confirmed by our MPS-label, and we continuously look for ways to improve our processes in all domains that are relevant to our stakeholders : quality, health, safety, environment, efficiency, …

We are inspired by principles such as “3P Triple Bottom Line” and “Cradle to Cradle”.