Had a good lunch ? Your garden also?

Just like humans benefit from the right choices in their food habits, also plants thrive well when fed with the optimal ingredients. Garden lovers spare no expense when planting their gardens. Then why next not giving it all the care it deserves to help plants develop to their maximum splendour?

Because gardening must stay a pleasure without complex maintenance prescriptions, we developed an organic fertilizer in cooperation with our fertilizer partner that combines all desired functions: nutrients for the plant, soil conditioner for the roots, and ease of use for you.

MULTI CARE is a smart mix of different constituents

  • Organic nutrients of natural origin that have a long spread release and are completely taken back by nature. They have a mild influence on your garden
  • Components that stimulate soil life, because the health of the roots is the determining factor for plant health, resulting in full splendour of the above-ground part of the plant.
  • All ingredients are compressed into small dry granules, so they are easily dosed and uniformly spread around the garden
  • There are no ingredients at risk for the user, and the product has a long-lasting effect so that it does not become an annoying chore. Just apply and sit back to enjoy.

Oprins Plant has decades of experience as a grower of evergreen plants, and this expertise has been incorporated in the development of MULTI CARE. We apply it systematically in our own nursery, and now every garden lovers can apply it also in his garden.  MULTI CARE is a versatile organic fertilizer and particularly suitable for plant species such as Ilex, but also all other evergreen plants such as Photinia, Boxwood, Taxus, Prunus,…

In short MULTI CARE takes care of all plants in your garden. (*)

How does it work?

The grains are composed of different natural raw materials that are compressed into a grain. Once scattered around, the grains decompose slowly in the soil thereby releasing all nutrients evenly – and this goes on for a period of ± 3 months.

An annual dosage 100 grams per square meter is sufficient for your garden. This dose must be divided over 2 turns: 1 x 50 grams / m² in February or March & 1 x 50 grams / m² in May. (*)

N (Nitrogen) – P (Phosphorus) – K (Potassium) + Mg (Magnesium)

Nitrogen ensures cell division or growth. Phosphorus is important for the development of the roots. Kalium is responsible for the hardening of the plant and its firmness, and also ensures the crop and fruit formation. Magnesium impacts on the green colour of the plants. In addition to these classic nutrients, a custom made formulation of organic substances is added to improve soil life.

MULTI CARE is available in 10 and 25 kg bags

(*) do not combine with other fertilisers, at the risk of overdosing.